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In 1980, evaluation was seen as some form of “hand waving” to justify programs. In the past 41 years, evaluations have moved from hand waving to a “hands down” essential element in producing the desired effect of energy efficiency programs. IEPEC has been front and center in this evolution and we need help to continue the job started over 40 years ago.

We’ve been a player in helping to advance evaluation’s market position with:

  • Diversity of thought: We offered a blind review process on paper selection to reduce author bias.
  • Authors have the benefit of multiple eyes to improve their paper: We have papers reviewed by peers before they are published.
  • Evaluation’s evolution has been carefully preserved: We offered a one stop resource site for evaluators as the learning curve moved upwards—we have one of the best, if not the best collection of evaluation work over this past period. And it is all made available to anyone at no cost.
  • Attendees have a front row seat to news, insights, approaches and more: Our papers are new—they must not have been presented in other public forums.
  • Mentoring: We have continued a commitment to bringing as many students in as possible through posters, room manager volunteer opportunities and more.
  • Worldwide exposure: Our free to anyone website is kept up to date as a reference point for not only work, but also for a job board, links to databases and more. And all at no cost to any user.
  • Recognition: Through our Lifetime Achievement Award, we recognize the leaders in our professional community.
  • Value proposition: Our financial model is designed to keep our registration fees low and our event and content quality high. We have an all volunteer board and planning committee.
  • Our Goal: Keep our registration low to keep attendance high thus ensuring outstanding networking opportunities.

In short, IEPEC is a unique, high quality event, made possible by generous sponsors.

Posted on: February 9, 2017 | Category: 2017 Baltimore Conference Information