CA Energy Efficiency Groupware Application

The Energy Efficiency Groupware Application (EEGA) website is the central web location where you can find utility reported data on the 2010-2012 portfolio of programs being offered by:

  •  Pacific Gas and Electric,
  • Southern California Edison,
  • San Diego Gas and Electric and
  • Southern California Gas.

 At this site you will find the following:

  • A homepage “dashboard” that aggregates the utility monthly reports and displays the REPORTED results using various charts that can be altered:
  • Choose the program cycle 2010-2012 or 2009
  • Choose to see either statewide or utility specific information
  • Choose to see savings by Market Sector or End Use
  • Tip:  Click on the pie charts to see a further breakdown of a pie slice
  • Currently available data include REPORTED expenditures and REPORTED savings in GWh, MW, and Mth.
  •  Download monthly report spreadsheets submitted by the utilities each month
  • Download utility Program Implementation Plans (PIPs)
  • There are “Current PIPs” which have recently been updated.  The PIPs in this tab reflect the current plans for these programs.  There will be a new feature where addenda will be submitted that update these “Current PIPs” over the portfolio cycle so that the public is up-do-date about how the programs have changed
  • Also available are the “Redline PIPs” which are the original compliance PIPs with the red-lined track changes turned on, so the user can see what changes were made compared to the compliance filing PIPs

 Finally, there are the compliance filing PIPs, which were submitted with the utility program applications

  • Download reports from previous EEGA websites
  • Currently users can download the “official list” of utility program offerings.