Proceedings Production Resources

Instructions for Authors/Speakers/Poster Presenters and Moderators — Production Timeline

Our ability to produce quality conference materials (agenda, schedules, proceedings, etc.) in a timely manner depends upon your timely and accurate completion of the tasks.  For details see the links to the left.

Proceedings  Timeline:


By April 1 Authors should email their draft paper to their moderator and fellow session authors. If you as the moderator, don’t see the papers, please contact the speakers and speakers contact your moderator.
Return your compiled comments by April 22 The moderator is responsible for compiling the comments from your colleague’s papers and working with the authors to incorporate comments into the final draft. 
Authors Re-submit No Later Than
April 26
Authors should send their revised paper to their moderator.
May 27 Moderator agrees on the final disposition of the final submission—authors can polish their work.
June 24 Authors’ final submission is due to the moderator but keep in mind that it is due, with your session summary sheet on the 27th. The moderator sends us a copy in PDF format. This is how we will know that the moderator has approved the paper.


March 15—Final Title Needed Confirm final title for your session and provide a short, 2-sentence description on session objectives. Email to
March 1 or
April 12
Moderator Conference Call: select one date, details coming closer to the date and an RSVP email for scheduling purposes will be sent to you.
April 26 Authors have a green light to proceed and complete their papers.
June 27—Final submission form due to us Final papers are submitted and Moderators submit a one-page description of their session. Email to